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Korean Wife Finder: How to Find a Korean Woman for Marriage

Success rate:68%
Popular cities with brides:Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon
Average cost of bride:$15,000 – $35,000
Average age:24-29 years
Best Korean sites:

SakuraDate, EasternHoneys, Orchidromance

It’s not a secret that Korean brides are considered one of the hottest Asian women. Thousands of men dream of finding their lifelong partners in Korea. The secret of such popularity of Korean girls in a men’s world is their unique character traits, stunning appearances, kindness, and femininity, which make them so desired all over the world.

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Why do Korean brides look so beautiful?

Korean fashion is widely considered to be one of the most stylish and influential in the rest of the fashion world. Korea is a very contrasting country; on the streets, you can see cute girls in light dresses and light makeup and a hot Korean lady in a tight mini skirt and heavy makeup. But why are these pretty women so popular among men around the world, especially Western guys? Korean girls have certain ideals of beauty, and almost every girl adheres to them.

Porcelain beauties

The first thing you will notice when you see a Korean bride is her silky porcelain skin. Unlike Western women, they take great care of their skin, use sunscreen, and you will never see them sunbathing on the beach. Even in summer, they go outside with umbrellas to hide from the sun. The whiteness and pallor of the skin in Korea is a symbol of femininity and beauty.

Another particularly beautiful feature of the Koreans is the shiny black hair. Beautiful Korean brides pay a lot of attention to their hair’s health and appearance; they spend a lot of time visiting beauty salons. Black hair, plump lips, and big angelic eyes make them one of the most exotic and desired women in the world.

Slim and feminine figures

Did you know that the average height of women in Korea is only 157 cm? These beauties are famous all over the world for their petiteness and thinness.

Besides, they have very graceful and slender figures that drive thousands of men around the world crazy. Their slimness is influenced by many factors, both genetics and their diet and healthy lifestyle.

They constantly take care of their body, go to the gym, and lead an active lifestyle to look like top models every day. The great news for you will be that pretty Korean mail order brides find taller men very attractive.

They are very elegant and stylish

Sexy Korean brides are not afraid to emphasize their femininity; mini skirts, mini dresses, heels, heavy makeup are essential attributes of sexy Korean mail order brides. Following their idols and stars, Korean girls attach great importance to their outfits; moreover, they have that special sense of style. They always know how to look wonderful. What man would not dream of such a woman?

Aging is not about Korean brides

Another attractive feature of best Korean women for marriage is their “eternal youth.” Even in old age, these women look very young. Due to the constant care of their skin, hair, and body, these women, even at the age of 40+, look like eighteen-year-old girls.

How to win the heart of beautiful Korean women for marriage?

mail order korean brides

Guys from different parts of the world wonder how to conquer the heart of these beauties? Here are some useful tips that will help you understand what your Korean lady likes and conquer her heart forever.

Korean mail order brides like to chat online

If you are chatting online, don’t be afraid to text her a lot: more texting — more chances that she will fall in love with you. Unlike Western women, pretty Korean women for marriage do not play a game — who texts first, if you date a girl from Korea — be ready that you will never see an empty screen on your phone.

Korean brides enjoy tasty meals

Koreans are obsessed with food, and one of the best ways to make your Korean girl happy is food. Taking her out for dinner, cooking for her, or buying her a snack will certainly work for you.

Hold her hand

If you want to show a Korean girl that your intentions about her are serious, try to take her hand on the street, it means a lot for them.

In Korea, holding hands is proof for others that you are a real couple, and you are not afraid to show it in public. However, forget about public kisses and other affections of love because they are socially discouraged.

Surprise her

Don’t forget to bring her a small gift. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy an expensive or exclusive gift for your date. Fresh flowers, chocolates, or a fluffy toy will be the perfect choice to impress her.

Be patient

This means that you have to give her some time and approach her slowly. Don’t be too pushy, and beautiful Korean brides will highly appreciate it.

Show her that you are a leader

Even if Korea is a very developed country, traditions still live here, and a man is a leader in a relationship and family. Tell your Korean girlfriend more about your plans for the future and career achievements, pay a bill in a restaurant, and do not forget to treat her like a gentleman, and it will definitely help you make things work.

One more bonus fact about dating a Korean bride. There is no difference between dating and a relationship in Korea, so if you go on a first date, she will take it seriously. Even after the third one, don’t be surprised if she calls you “boyfriend.”

date korean brides online

Many factors influence why so many men choose Korean women and dream of starting a family with them. But why do Korean girls so often choose Western men? Korea is a very developed country with excellent education and professional development opportunities, but despite this, the number of international brides in Korea is growing every year so those who are looking for a bride will find this country very suitable.

They find Western men very attractive

As mentioned above, Koreans are just crazy about high men. Moreover, one of the beauty ideals in Korea is big eyes. So don’t be surprised: you will definitely get a lot of attention from Korean ladies. In 2019, nearly 10% of marriages in South Korea were international marriages, and this statistic is increasing every year.


Unlike many other Asian countries, more than 56% of Koreans are irreligious. This is also one of the reasons why international marriages are becoming popular in this country. But family relationships here still play a significant role, so be prepared that your spouse will listen to her parents. Their approval will be crucial for your relationship.

Divorce rate

While the rate of marriage decreases in Korea, the divorce rate does not show any signs of a decrease. The main reasons for such a rate are that women are not satisfied with local guys. That’s why many of them choose to move to another country or find their true love overseas.

Top 5 famous and pretty Korean women

Jeon Do-yeon

Jeon Do-yeon

Jeon Do-Yeon is a famous actress, the first South Korean actress who won an acting award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Park Shin-hye


Park Shin-hye is one of the most popular and prolific singers, models, and actresses in Korea. She has won multiple awards for her performances; moreover, she is a leading Instagram influencer and conquered the hearts of more than 11M followers.

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji-hyun is a famous South Korean actress, which is one of the most in-demand celebrity endorsers in South Korea.

Lee Young-Ae

Lee Young-Ae

Lee Young-Ae is one of the sweetest Korean actresses, who has already starred in dozens of successful films. Thanks to her outstanding and charming appearance and a special sense of style, Lee Young-Ae is one of the idols for Korean girls.

Bae Doona

Bae Doona

Among the Korean celebrities immensely famous for their identity as an actress is Bae Doona, who also is a popular photographer in her home country.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a woman to start a family, you should look at beautiful Korean women for marriage. Every day with such a lady will be full of love, feelings, and care.

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