How to get a mail order bride? Full guide

Let’s divide this guide into two smaller guides — we’ll call them “online” and “offline” guides. The whole mail bride finding process starts with online dating — so let’s focus on online dating first. So, how to find a foreign bride online?

How to find a foreign bride: Step by step guide

  1. Find a website. Don’t forget that you should choose only the best mail bride websites — using a service with lots of fake profiles, without an ID verification, or without a good reputation, will not work out. Check out our list of best mail order bride sites if you want to take a look at the safe, reputable, and trustworthy services.
  2. Find mail order bride online and chat with women. At this stage, everything looks very similar to online dating in the United States — you create an attractive dating profile, write a profile bio, upload the best photos, and start chatting with women. The only problem here is the language barrier — unfortunately, not all foreign brides can speak English fluently. Oh, and don’t expect all these websites to be free — almost all of them are fee-based. That’s disappointing, but that’s how mail order brides work.
  3. Arrange the date and meet a woman. You’ll have to meet your girlfriend or bride before you marry her. The thing is, visiting the US is really not that easy for non-Americans — just think about the American officials who usually ask a LOT of questions to understand if a tourist is really a tourist or someone more suspicious. Make it easy for your girlfriend — visit her country. When you are in her city already, everything should be quite easy — just date her like you would date an American girl (but with taking into account the cultural differences, of course).
  4. Marry her. You can do it in her country or in the US, it’s all the same. Marriages that are legally performed and valid abroad are 100% valid and legal in the US. You’ll have to pass the interview to prove that your marriage is real — the interviewers usually focus on your relationship, daily activities, future plans, etc.

How to get a mail order bride in the US?

How to get a mail order bride in the US

Now, you know everything about how to find a foreign bride online. But how to get a mail order bride to the United States? Here’s what you should know about it.

First of all, it’s time for the I-129F petition. At this very stage (when your fiancee plans to visit the US and you two haven’t married yet) it’s extremely important for your fiancee to explain to the USCIS officials that she’ll return to her country and won’t stay in the US illegally.

At this stage, it’s also very important to tell the truth when they’ll ask her who she is visiting and if she is engaged to an American citizen.

When your fiancee gets her K-1 visa, she can enter the US, but again, it’s not for temporary visits. It’s the visa that must be used once — your fiancee must enter the US with a K-1 visa and get married within 90 days of her arrival, it’s simple as that. You’ll have to do it quickly — if your fiancee doesn’t enter the US in 120 days of her petition approval, you’ll have to get through the red tape all over again, and we can bet that’s not the thing you want to do more than once in life.

Basically, that’s all we can say about how to get a mail order bride in the US. If you’ve done everything right, there should be no problems at this stage and she should get a green card after your marriage.

Your foreign bride can also become an American citizen. To apply for US citizenship, a person must have his or her permanent resident status for at least 3 years — so if you marry your Latin, Asian, or European girl in 2020, she’ll be able to become a US citizen in 2023!

Another thing you have to be aware of is the visa restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, there are lots of things people have to put on hold because of the pandemic, and wedding plans are not an exception. The problem is, foreign women can’t get their K-1 visas at the time of writing. The visas are left at a standstill — the processing was temporarily suspended since March 2020. However, it looks like the situation is becoming better right now, and it looks like more posts will begin resume consular operations (at least partially) in the nearest future.

How to get a mail order bride without going to her country?

How To Get A Mail Order Bride

Alright, now you know how to get a mail order bride to the US. But according to the K-1 visa requirements, you and your foreign bride must prove that you have PHYSICALLY met in person at least once within the last 24 months. Most people visit their brides’ countries and meet them in person, but what if you don’t want (or can’t) go to her country? Is it still possible?

In short, yes. According to the K-1 visa requirements, you don’t have to meet your fiancee in the United States. You two can meet anywhere in the world — so if you buy tickets to, say, France, spend a few days eating in restaurants, walking through Paris streets, and watching the Eiffel Tower together with your girlfriend, that’s even more than ok (consider it a pre-honeymoon trip). But don’t forget that you’ll need evidence that you’ve met — the travel documents, a stamp that you entered the country, etc, etc.

The second way you can go is to meet your fiancee in the United States. But you have to be VERY careful here.

The point is: Bringing your girlfriend to the US on a tourist visa is ok since you will not marry her during her visit, but bringing your fiancee to the US on a tourist visa is a huge problem. It’s possible to marry a woman who has entered the US on a B-2 visa (for example), but it’s very risky. The USCIS officers will likely deny your bride a green card later if she has misrepresented her intentions when she first entered the US (and she has clearly misrepresented her intentions because a person who has entered the US on a B-2 visa must declare his/her intention to return to his/her country before expiration).

So, your girlfriend can enter the United States on a tourist visa — but you must not marry her during the period of stay because it will lead to serious problems in the future. Make as many photos as you can, keep as many travel documents and other proofs as you can — you’ll need them later.


How easy is it to get a mail order bride?

It’s almost as easy as getting a woman in the United States with only one huge problem (language barrier). You sign up for a dating website (they are called mail bride websites), create a dating profile, start chatting with women you like most — as you see, it’s very similar to what online dating is in the United States. Meeting in person is a bit more difficult because you’ll have to book the tickets, hotel rooms, and visit a new country — but other than that, everything is quite easy.

How to get a mail order bride in the US?

If you want to marry your bride in the US, she will have to get a K-1 visa — you two will have to pass the interview (there will be a lot of questions about your relationship, habits, work, plans, etc). If you want to marry her in her country or in any other country, you can do it, too — but she’ll still have to get a K-1 visa to enter the United States, so the process is the same. Remember: if your marriage is real and you two love each other, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

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