Women from Asia are undoubtedly incredibly hot, sexy, and beautiful. Every year, millions of American men seek a chance to have a date with beauty from this region. However, what makes these women so appealing? And most importantly, what country in Asia should you choose to have an online date? Answers to these and other questions you can find in the sections below. You are going to become a master of Asian online dating in the next couple of minutes!

What are the most popular countries in Asia for online dating?

Asia is an incredibly large place. Dozens of countries are situated there. And, fortunately enough, most of these countries have wonderfully beautiful women for marriage. Asia is one of the most popular places for online communication, with millions of girls seeking a chance to date and marry a foreign guy. In the sections below, we are going to demonstrate top Asian countries and differences between mail order brides from these places. Enjoy!


Chinese mail order brides are most numerous. Although there are no exact statistics regarding the number of girls that you can find from this country, you can be sure that you are going to find thousands of suitable ladies for your needs. Women from China are calm, humble, and family-oriented. Chinese culture greatly values the appearance of women. Thin bodies and angular faces are the main qualities of women from this country. Double eyelid is a definitive feature of Chinese brides as well as fair skin tone. Ladies from this country are not over-sexualized, but still can make a man go crazy with a single glance.


Japanese ladies are exceptionally popular among American guys. Japanese women care more about their appearance than other Asian women, and it is a fact. Girls from this country will spend more time take care of themselves. Putting on makeup is a ritual that goes back in the past. Ladies from this country are very fun, active, and enjoy communication with foreign guys. Lots of girls that you will find online are going to have almost perfect English because this language is highly popular in Japan.


Girls from Thailand are also incredibly popular for online communication and dating. These ladies are known to be highly active and down-to-earth. While you can discuss something sophisticated with a Japanese bride, your Thai date would rather enjoy your story about your childhood or anything simple. It does not mean that Thai brides are not educated or sophisticated. Rather they view online communication as a way to bond over simple stories. Women from this country have big eyes, bright facial skin, slender neck, and beautiful smiles. Thai women are exceptionally sexy and passionate.

The Philippines

Mail order brides from the Philippines are equally popular. It is possible to say that girls from this country are considered the most beautiful women in the world, and numerous international pageants are proof of that! Girls from this location are open-minded, flexible, and respect traditional values. Family is the fundamental concept for Filipino girls. These beauties enjoy their appearance. They know that they are attractive and passionate, which gives these ladies empowerment, strength, and confidence. So, you can be sure that you are going to have a fantastic date with a woman from this country!


Vietnamese women for marriage are appraised by thousands of guys from the United States. And the reason for such appeal is the fact that these women combine beauty with excellent values and skills. Vietnamese women have combined the best qualities of their neighbors, which means that there is no signature Vietnamese look. Instead, you can find girls who look like Chinese ladies or are more similar to Japanese brides or follow the Korean style of fashion and makeup. Generally, girls from this country act polite and a little bit dependent and caring.

South Korea

South Korea is a country with phenomenally gorgeous women for marriage, there is no point in denying. Beauty is one of the most important elements of Korean culture. In 2015 South Korea exported more than $2.5 billion of cosmetic goods, which means that this country knows how to look good. Indeed, there is a well-known feature of Korean culture that revolves around Korean beauty standards. Women from this country look like goddesses, but it requires a lot of hard work and money. Korean brides are also family-oriented and seek a chance to find a man who is mature, responsible, and honest.

Where to find hot Asian ladies?

So, now you know the qualities of hottest Asian women. But now, it is time to find out where you can find a girl who would want to have an online date with you. First of all, it is worth stating that online dating is quite popular nowadays. However, because of such high popularity, there are plenty of platforms that do not provide you with honest and real online dating experience. Instead, such websites are going to give you fake profiles and scam you for money. If you want to have proper dating experience with various Asian mail order brides, here is what you have to do!

asian girls

There is a service called BestMailOrderBrides – a website that allows you to learn about the world’s most reputable, safe, and efficient platforms with Asian girls for marriage. You do not need to conduct extensive research or try out numerous websites and lose a lot of time and money. Instead, you can check out the reviews provided by the website. There, you will find articles written by a team of professional dating writers who are experienced in examining and analyze dating platforms. You will have a chance to use websites with the best Asian mail order brides and have a safe and scam-free online dating experience! So, remember – BestMailOrderBrides can actually help you find and date a wonderful Asian girl of your dreams!

How to avoid getting scammed while seeking a date online?

as we have just mentioned, there are plenty of dating websites that you can find that are not real. Unfortunately, the dating industry is a very appealing place for scammers who want to ruin people’s expectations and experiences from online communication. Fortunately, this section will help you avoid getting scammed and even use such websites in the first place!

Do not use sites that you know nothing about

The most important piece of advice that we would like to offer you is that you should never try a dating platform that you know nothing above. Use BestMailOrderBrides to find a platform that suits your needs. Look up information online – most reputable and respectable dating sites should always have a few articles or reviews. If a site has nothing mentioned above, it can mean that it is a new site that can be a scam.

Do not send money to your brides

Most platforms that you may find online forbid brides to ask for money. The purpose of online communication is to have meaningful conversations and learn about each other. If a girl asks you to send her money, report that profile.

Do not pay for premium content if you have not tried other options

Lots of dating platforms will offer you premium content – it is just the way all dating sites work. However, we would highly recommend you avoid entering your credit card information until you are aware of what the site can offer you. The most efficient way to be sure that you are using a website that is real, honest, and not a scam is to depend on BestMailOrderBrides. There, you can find information about dating sites, how much it costs to become a premium member, what options to make contact you have, and lots of other information.

Do not share personal information

Although you are expected to communicate with Asian women and tell them something about your life, you should understand that some things should not be shared. For example, do not say anything about your dating account – your password and email could be used to hack into other accounts that you use. Use a unique email, password, and username to avoid getting scammed.


Well, after reading this review, you are going to be more confident in your online dating journey! We highly recommend using BestMailOrderBrides as this site can help you learn everything about Asian mail order brides and where to find the hottest bride in the world!

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