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The Hottest Girls In Asia: Which Asian Country Has The Most Beautiful Woman?

Success rate:70%
Popular regions with brides:China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Thailand
Average cost of bride:$10,000 – $30,000
Average age:23-28 years
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Which Asian country has the most beautiful women? Asian ladies possess a unique bundle of characteristics that make them irresistible on the dating scene. Each year, millions of American men seek an opportunity to create romantic connections with the hottest Asian women. Here’s your guide to finding a pretty mail order girlfriend online.

Numerous potential love-seekers are wondering what is so special about Asian girls. Also, it is rather challenging to pick a country for the love search since Asian nations are so diverse. Are similar thoughts popping up in your mind? Check out the best countries to meet an Asian girlfriend and discover more about local girls. Any man deserves a chance to get a chance with sexy Asian brides but not every knows how to use it.

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Among the hottest Asian female countries, will need to choose the right destination for your romantic ventures. And, fortunately enough, most of these countries have wonderfully beautiful women. Numerous men seek an additional dose of communication in this region since it includes a bevy of gorgeous ladies who are all about creating cross-cultural romance. Check out the top Asian countries to find the lady of your dreams and choose the most suitable place to start your amorous tale. So, which Asian country has the most beautiful woman?


You will discover an abundance of beautiful and hot women in China since it is one of the sexiest Asian countries. Based on the relevant statistics, 39% of ladies are single in China, and nearly half of them seek romance online. This means that you have a high chance of finding your significant other among beautiful ladies from this country. 

Local ladies are classy, humble, and family-centered. Local ladies pay special attention to their appearances. Angular faces, doubled eyelids, slim bodies, fair skin tones, baby-like faces — these are just a few features of Chinese sexy women that engage men from all over the world. Moreover, local ladies are extremely seductive, so you will certainly find someone to your taste. 


Beautiful women from Japan have vast popularity among Western love hunters. These ladies put great emphasis on how they look, so you will always have an attractive woman by your side once you build a connection with a local lady.  In addition to their seductive physical features, Japanese women attract male representatives with their charm and exceptional style.

They look classy and chic, regardless of their location. On top of that, local women are extremely educated. Based on the research, 45% of university graduates are women. If you want to get a smart, broad-minded, and beautiful woman, it is worth paying attention to Japanese brides.


Thailand is definitely the sexiest Asian country. Thai ladies seduce men with their extraordinary allure, kindness, and caring nature. These ladies are known to be highly active and down-to-earth. While you can have a constructive discussion with a Japanese pretty girl, your Thai date would rather enjoy your story about your preferences and aspirations.

It does not mean that Thai hot women are not educated or sophisticated. The hottest Asian girls consider online communication with men to be a way to bond over simple stories. Women from this country have expressive eyes, lovely facial features, slender necks, and beautiful smiles. Thai women are exceptionally sexy and passionate.

The Philippines

Sexy Asian women from the Philippines are no less popular among men who value Asian obedience and exotic appearances. According to a recent survey called “Women’s Confidence Survey in Asia”, Filipinas are the third most confident about their appearance among Asian females. Indeed, their physical attributes will hardly leave any man indifferent. 

Brown-skinned bodies, flat and short noses, kissable lips, and beautiful eyes — these sexy Asian women stand out on the dating scene. When it comes to relationships, Filipino women appear to be reliable partners. They follow traditional relationship patterns and are very dedicated to their partners. What is more, local women demonstrate a high level of loyalty while being committed to their partners. So, don’t miss the chance to get to know these women better.


Vietnamese sexy women are appraised by numerous men from the US. The combination of values, physical attributes, and alluring nature makes these women excellent partners for anyone who is all about traditional relationships. You can encounter ladies who have similar traits to Chinese girls or who are more similar to Japanese hot Asian women or follow Korean trends in style and makeup. All in all, Vietnamese women act politely when it comes to building relationships with their partners and are a little bit dependent and caring.

South Korea

South Korea is a country with phenomenally gorgeous women; there is no point in denying it. Beauty is one of the most essential things in Korean culture. In 2015, South Korea exported more than $2.5 billion of cosmetic products worldwide. Numerous women from all over the world use Korean cosmetics and want to look like local ladies with their fair skin, baby-like faces, and expressive eyes. 

Indeed, there is a well-known feature of Korean culture that revolves around Korean beauty standards. Women from this country look like goddesses, but they invest a lot in their beauty. Korean hot ladies are also family-oriented and seek a chance to encounter a partner who is determined, responsible, and open-minded.

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Where to find sexy Asian women?

Once you discover the qualities of the hottest Asian women, it is just time to take a deeper dive into the reliable methods of finding your soulmate. Suffice it to say that online dating appears to be the most effective way to meet your significant other. Just imagine, you can communicate with multiple sexy ladies from the comfort of your home without the need to travel from country to country and meet strangers. 

Nevertheless, it is still necessary to choose the right site to organize your amorous adventure since the modern online dating market seems to be overcrowded with numerous sites. Once you address a reliable dating website, you will have a high chance of meeting your significant other. 

There is a service called PrettyBride – a website that allows you to explore the world of online romance with hot Asian women safely and smoothly. Rather than surfing the web in the hope of finding a reputable platform and putting in much time and effort, you can delegate the task of finding the right website for you to PrettyBride. 

Here, you can find expert reviews dedicated to the thorough analysis of the most reputable sites available online. You will have the opportunity to meet the best and hottest Asian chicks and enjoy safe and exciting communication with them without worrying about fakes and fraud. PrettyBride can help you find and build a rapport with the wonderful Asian girl of your dreams!

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The hottest Asian chicks

While it is great to listen about the beautiful and sexiest women in Asia, don’t you agree that it would be ten times better to look at the hottest Asian women? In this section, we would like you to enjoy 10 of the most attractive, popular, and mind-blowingly hot Asian women that you can find online!

Victoria Song

Asian girl

Is a Chinese singer, dancer, actress, and model. This hot Asian woman embodies the extraordinary allure of Chinese girls with her fair skin, wide-opened eyes, seductive figure, and mesmerizingly beautiful smile.

Solenn Heussaff

Asian woman

This woman won the Miss Philippines Earth Beauty Pageant in 2004 and has attracted numerous men worldwide. Since then, she has worked with major film companies and world-known model agencies. She is a stunningly attractive woman who proves why so many guys are eager to be with Filipino girls!

Jamie Chung

sexy Asian women

Jamie Chung was born in the United States, although her parents are from Korea. She is a wonderful and beautiful woman with distinct Asian facial features that make her irresistible!

Liu Yifei

 hottest Asian girls

Liu Yifei is a young Chinese actress and model that played Mulan in the recent movie adaptation. She is beautiful, tender, and exceptionally petite.

Fan Bingbing

hot Asian women

Fan Bingbing is a young Chinese movie star. She is known for her stunning beauty and has starred in many Chinese and foreign films. Her appearance is a perfect representation of Asian looks. She is considered to be one of the most attractive Asian women on the planet, and one can understand why: she is impeccable and irresistible!

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Gemma Chan

hot Asian ladies

Gemma Chan has appeared in various television shows. She is known for her elegance, class, and sense of style. Many women believe that she is a great fashion icon, while men find her stunningly attractive and sex.

Meisa Kuroki

Sexy Asian woman

A beauty from Japan, Meisa Kuroki is a singer, actress, and model. She has appeared in many TV shows, commercials, films, and stage productions. She is appraised for her beauty and sense of style. One can say that she is a perfect example of what most beautiful Japanese girls look like!

Victoria Loke

Asian sexy girls

Victoria Loke is a Singaporean actress and model. She has worked with countless foreign companies like Coca-Cola, MTV, Avon, and others. She is appraised for her beauty and elegance. A great example of what girls from Singapore can look like!

Patchrapa Chai

sexy Asain ladies

Patchrapa Chai is an actress from Thailand. She has starred in more than 50 TV shows and movies. With over 13.5 million followers on Instagram, one can say that Patchrapa is one of the most popular celebrities from Thailand! Her appearance and sense of style are just one of the reasons why she is so wonderful.

Eliza Sam

Asian hot women

Eliza Sam is a Chinese model and actress. She won Miss Chinese International in 2011. Eliza is another example of how beautiful and sexy Chinese women can look like!

I hope this was interesting and you also find these Asian women hot and attractive. Meanwhile, you are weloveme to check out a list alike but this time pretty Slavic brides are listed.

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Once you take a deep dive into all the diversity of Asian dating culture and the peculiarities of building relationships with them, you will prepare for your love-seeking journey and become more confident as an online romance seeker. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to find a reliable platform to enjoy a safe dating experience. This is where PrettyBride will come in handy. Explore the world of sexy Asian women and where to find the sexiest women in Asia!

My name is James Pincher and I am here to help you find true love online! My knowledge and expertise will help you find and meet with the best foreign girlfriends and brides online.

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